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About Us


We are a dedicated team of Real Estate Professionals and will serve you to find the perfect Home tailored to your needs and investment goals. We help you to overcome the legal and local customs associated with Real Estate purchase in Mexico.

Palma de Oro is well connected with professionals from accounting, law, engineering, architecture, financial planning, and as well mortgage banking if requested.


Buying or renting a property in a foreign country, can be very challenging if you are not aware of the local market regulations and restrictions. We help you to face possible complications and guide you through the purchase process of your new home. 


Our agents will assist you in German, English, French and Russian during the negotiation and contract conclusion.


Palma de Oro has the inside track on Riviera Maya’s ever changing Real Estate landscape. Our expertise and local market knowledge offer a formidable advantage for navigating Riviera Maya’s unique mix of properties, trends, and opportunities. We enable even the best-informed buyers and sellers to maximize their outcomes and profit.